Life Is All About Music

A personal view on music, all kinds of music.

Hello There

This blog is about music! This probably you already notice, but you may ask, ‘what kind of music and what you’ll do here?’. The answer is simply: all kinds of music.

I’ll not try to ‘review’ albums, my goal is give my opinions about things I listen to. It can be a very large and detailed article, or just a short text about something I’ve listen.

I’m a ‘digger’, I like to discover new and ‘weird’ music, from distant and foreign lands, I don’t mind if it was released last week or 40 years ago, if I haven’t heard yet – it’s new!

I’m a high user of the website Rate Your Music (HERE‘s my account) and sometimes I’ll post on both. I’ll try to give you some audio or video samples of the albums, but this will not be a place for downloads or full listening albums. You can find that in ANY place on the web.

I’ll not promise daily, weekly, monthly posts or whatever, I’ll post when I feel like posting, and that can be twice a day or once a week, who knows.
Sometimes I’ll post articles about music in general, not really about an specific album.

So, welcome, because, as you may notice, for me Life’s All About Music.


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