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John Wetton – Agenda (2004)

John Wetton – Agenda (2004)

Artist: John Wetton
Album: Agenda
Year: 2004
Label: Metal Mind

I’ll start off saying that I like John Wetton‘s voice but that alone can’t save this live album, recorded in Poland. And I simply don’t care about his bass playing. There’s so many wonderful bass players in Progressive Rock and John Wetton is just a regular one, competent, but his playing is always the same in tone and lines.

If Asia, band which he was a big part of, arrangements usually suck, here John Wetton shows himself able to ruin this versions even more, with cheesy keyboards (thanks to Martin Orford) and lame acoustic guitar versions (thanks to himself and John Mitchell). Steve Chrisley, the drummer, simply doesn’t exist, pretty much, but his drums sound can’t be praised.

Not to mention souless King Crimson versions and, to complete the whole package, a really bad art on the cover.

John Wetton, to my eyes, is like a Circus, that jumps from town to town (project to project/band to band), never settles down in any place and is always live from a glorious past.

Maybe that’s why he never really get a name by himself.

01. Red (7:55)
02. Sole Survivor (6:34)
03. Nothing’s Gonna Stand In Our Way (5:37)
04. Book Of Saturday (3:18)
05. Emma (3:15)
06. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes (2:51)
07. In The Dead Of Night (6:04)
08. Easy Money (7:30)
09. After All (4:20)
10. Rendezvous 6:02 (5:38)
11. Starless (9:32)
12. Battle Lines (4:59)
13. Heat Of The Moment (5:26)

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