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Plebe Rude – Plebe Rude (1988)

Plebe Rude – Plebe Rude (1988)

Artist: Plebe Rude
Album: Plebe Rude
Year: 1988
Label: EMI

Plebe Rude was a big band in Brazil in mid-80’s. They had a big hit with their first album O Concreto Já Rachou (1985). But, like many bands, they didn’t achieve the same with their next albums.

Plebe Rude (1988) is their third and most experimental album, not a shadow of doubt about that.

The Música Caipira influence that Jander Ribeiro (AKA Ameba) would go some years later started here. Not that strong, but it’s definetelly here.

The tracks ‘Um Outro Lugar’, ‘O Traço Que Separa’ and ‘A Serra’ have been minor hits, but probably most of people will not remember those songs.

We still have Post-Punk as a main influence, like in the open track ‘Plebiscito’, like in their first 2 records, but here you can hear some Repente (on the track with the same name) and some experimental stuff, for example, ‘Longe’ is basically a ‘dark’ ballad, with piano and all.

Maybe that’s why the album slides a bit in quality, cause has a lot of different sounds. Not just their Post-Punk earlier influence, their strong side. But we can’t say it’s a bad record, no we can’t.

1. Plebiscito (3:08)
2. Um Outro Lugar (4:36)
3. Valor (5:01)
4. Longe (2:35)
5. Tempo Ao Tempo (2:56)
6. O Traço Que Separa (3:47)
7. A Serra (3:11)
8. 2.ª Feriado (1:00)
9. Repente (6:13)
10. Modifique O Verbo (3:06)


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