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Pure Reason Revolution – The Dark Third (2006)

Pure Reason Revolution – The Dark Third (2006)

Artist: Pure Reason Revolution
Album: The Dark Third
Year: 2006
Label: Columbia

Listening this album again after a big time reminded me why I was so disappointed with Pure Reason Revolution a couple of years later with their next albums.

The Dark Third (2006) was their first album after a bunch of Singles and EPs and shows a band that can build gorgeous vocal harmonies with  hypnotic music in a Space Rock enviroment and that they could blend Alternative Rock and Progressive Rock with no difficult at all. This album is just fantastic, beginning to end, and makes me feel ecstasy and joy.

It was so frustrating to listen to their later albums Amor Vincit Omnia (2009) and Hammer and Anvil (2010) and their Pop/Electronic/Electro Rock approach. I guess they knew it as well and ended the band right after that.

1. Aeropause (5:44)
2. Goshens Remains (5:23)
3. Apprentice Of The Universe (3:59)
4. The Bright Ambassadors Of Morning (11:56)
5. The Exact Colour (4:03)
6. Voices In Winter/In The Realms Of The Divine (6:33)
7. Bullits Dominae (5:20)
8. Twycyn/Trembling Willows (7:16)
9. He Tried To Show Them Magic/Ambassador’s Return (5:17)


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