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The Moody Blues – On The Threshold Of A Dream (1969)

The Moody Blues – On the Threshold of a Dream (1969)

Artist: The Moody Blues
Album: On The Threshold Of A Dream
Year: 1969
Label: Deram

The Moody Blues always have been a fail band in my point of view. The question here isn’t if they can write tunes, cause they can. Usually they can write great pop tunes with symphonic flavour. But that’s the point.

The Moody Blues always tried to blend in the Symphonic area of the Rock n Roll, as if they had to prove someone that they could do serious music. In the end, their albums seems to be all a deceiving. Like this one, On The Threshold Of A Dream (1969), they started it in a serious way, narrations, a bit of Orchestra, and you think: ‘wow, this will be good!’ And… you receive pop tunes and little rocks that can harm no one.

So far I didn’t hear one single album of the band that pays hommage to the real Symphonic Prog. Maybe that’s not the goal here, but they are sold like that.

They have it all, great and serious album names, great covers art, ideas to make conceptual albums. The only thing that is missing is the most important part, the music itself.

1. In The Beginning (2:07)
2. Lovely To See You (2:34)
3. Dear Diary (3:56)
4. Send Me No Wine (2:21)
5. To Share Our Love (2:53)
6. So Deep Within You (3:07)
7. Never Comes The Day (4:43)
8. Lazy Day (2:43)
9. Are You Sitting Comfortably? (3:30)
10. The Dream (0:57)
11. Have You Heard? (Part I) (1:28)
12. The Voyage (4:10)
13. Have You Heard? (Part II) (2:26)


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