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Roger Glover – Elements (1978)

Roger Glover – Elements (1978)

Artist: Roger Glover
Album: Elements
Year: 1978
Label: Polydor

You know, music is something fabulous. And it’s so good to discover new music, even when the new it’s not new, if you know what I mean.
It’s just so good when you discover this kind of record that Elements (1978) is. That’s why I dig music deeper and deeper, always wanting more and leaving behind all those midia sweethearts.

Roger Glover is well known for Hard Rocks, he’s the bass player in Deep Purple for many years, he left in 1974, but returned in 1984 and never left again, during this time off he played in Rainbow between 1978 and 1984, band that Ritchie Blackmore put together in 1975 after left Deep Purple too. And it’s so good to see established musicians go deep and further in music. People that don’t want to repeat themselves.

Elements (1978) is his third solo album and delivers to the listener Symphonic Rock, all the way, little pieces of Progressive Rock and Art Rock too.

I always liked Roger Glover for his personality and bass playing, now, after listen this album I like him even more.

01. The First Ring Made Of Clay (7:47)
02. The Next A Ring Of Fire (9:39)
03. The Third Ring’s Watery Flow (8:53)
04. The Fourth Ring’s With The Wind (8:53)
05. Finale (2:14)


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