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Orgia Pravednikov – Shitrock (2012)

Оргия Праведников – Шитрок (2012)

Artist: Orgia Pravednikov (Оргия Праведников)
Album: Shitrock (Шитрок)
Year: 2012
Label: Independent

I’m a Оrgia Pravednikov fan since 2005. I’ve followed every step since then and I still think they’re an awesome band that mix a serie of unique elements and have an even more unique sound.

Their 2010 album Для тех, кто видит сны. Vol.1 (2010) is being terrible bashed here, and I still dont know why. By the way, it’s free to download on their official website. In this release they changed a bit of their sound, a bit more heavy I must say, less ‘unique sounds’ maybe. But still one of their finest. Maybe because the band now is able now to work on their own studio things can be more like they really want.

This EP Шитрок (2012) (in english Shitrock, a word that acording Sergey Kalugin Russians use to call their own Rock Music) is a re-recording EP. I must say that a first glance, the overall sound dont appeal to me as it used to. It’s too heavy, probably that’s why they re-recorded the songs. To me the only great track is the final one, ‘Королевская свадьба’, and that alone gave thos EP a 4 stars to me.

One this that must be pointed out is about their artwork. I own all of their CDs and they work hard to present a high quality art in every album. Not different on this one as well. Amazing artwork.

The EP can be streamed at their website and even free downloaded as well. Worth a listen, for sure.

1. Шитрок (3:42)
2. Чёрная земля (3:20)
3. Наша Родина – СССР (3:51)
4. Королевская свадьба (10:12)


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