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Big Big Train – English Electric (Part One) (2012)

Big Big Train – English Electric (Part One) (2012)

Artist: Big Big Train
Album: English Electric Part One
Year: 2012
Label: Giant Electric Pea

There’s some bands that hardly fail, you can actually see their love and their effort on making the best music possible. And that’s the case of Big Big Train.

I’m not a Big Big Train longer fan, I’ve discovered them when they were about to release the magnificent The Underfall Yard (2009) and they were giving away the epic track that carried the name of the album.
I was so immediatelly amazed by that song and that sound and that band that I went straight to their website and bought a bundle with The Underfall Yard (2009) and their previous The Difference Machine (2007).

When I’ve heard they were working on a new album, and that would be a 2 part project called ‘English Electric’ I was already happy just by heard that.

I am now listening English Electric (Part One) (2012) for the first time. And they just can’t fail. Their music is full of emotion, charged with a sentiment that you hardly can see in any other band, specially in Progressive Rock.

They work slowly on their records and make sure every little piece is right on place. The sounds of instruments specially, is SO good to hear an album that actually have real drums sounds, a bass sound that’s not equal to the other 100 albums released in this month, pianos and not cheap keyboards, flutes, the list go on and on…

It’s rich in every aspect, it’s grande not being too pompous, it’s emotional, makes me shiver, and the most important thing, it makes you want to listen again and again.

The band knows the music they’re doing is good, only bands that know they have a great material to offer makes their album available to listen on BANDCAMP.

And you know why they do that? Cause they know that if you listen, you’ll buy, something inside you tells that you need to have it. And that’s actually what happens, everytime.

1. The First Rebreather (8.32)
2. Uncle Jack (3.49)
3. Winchester From St. Giles’ Hill (7.16)
4. Judas Unrepentant (7.18)
5. Summoned By Bells (9.17)
6. Upton Heath (5.39)
7. A Boy In Darkness (8.03)
8. Hedgerow (8.52)


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