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Everclear – Invisible Stars (2012)

Everclear – Invisible Stars (2012)

Artist: Everclear
Album: Invisible Stars
Year: 2012
Label: Entertainment One

I used to love Everclear, I was first introduced to the band by my best friend Alexandre back in 2001. The album was Sparkle And Fade (1995) and I rushed to the local record store to see if they still have a copy, lucky me they had it. I’ve listened to that album a lot.

The next album So Much For The Afterglow (1997) I didn’t pay so much attention, but it’s a great album as well. The 2 next albums Songs From An American Movie Vol. One: Learning How To Smile (2000) and Songs From An American Movie Vol. Two: Good Time For A Bad Attitude (2000) were released almost at the same time when I discovered the band and I didn’t have money to buy 2 cds at once, so I skipped that.

Slow Motion Daydream (2003) I bought after a couple of months of the release and I’ve listened to that many times, a good record.

But I have to say, since the original line up broke up and all that was left was Art Alexakis, I’ve been sad and worried. And when in 2006 the new Everclear released a new record Welcome To The Drama Club (2006) I had mixed feelings, I was curious but afraid they wouldn’t deliver the same energy of the earlier albums. And unfortunatelly I was right.

Since then the band became a parody, releasing several albums with re-recordings, covers and such. In 2008 they released a new single called ‘Jesus Was A Democrat’ for free download at their website and I thought it was a good thing, cause a new album could be in the way, the song was good so I was kinda happy, but no, no new album. Now in 2012 they released, finally, after 6 years, a new album, Invisible Stars (2012).

Art Alexakis is lost! Completely lost, he’s a grown up man that still lives the life like if he’s in 1995/1997 period. He keeps writting the same songs over and over, the same lyrics, the same topics, keeps complaining about ‘how life will be better in the future’ as if he was still a teenager. Someone please pinch him that life will not start anytime soon, he IS living.
I think the worst part of that is the arrangements of the album, that basically mimic the first song throughout the whole album. The same synth intros doubled with guitars, the same ‘guitar wall’ sounds, the same vocals, and on top of that everything is overproduced. It tries to evoke some kind of teen dream to get some audience I guess, I’m not sure if it works, but even the cover tries it and fail utterly.

There’s a couple of good songs like ‘Tiger In A Burning Tree’ and ‘Falling In A Good Way’ but if you pay attention and listen to them one after another you’ll see that they are the same song with slight different lyrics, even the melodies are alike.

I would like to say that this is one of the best Rock releases of the year, because they belong to my musical past, but I just can’t. It’s just a record that after the first listen you will put aside, forget and hardly come back to it. Too bad.

1. Tiger In A Burning Tree (1:49)
2. Falling In A Good Way (2:08)
3. Be Careful What You Ask For (3:21)
4. Volcano (3:26)
5. Santa Ana Wind (4:19)
6. Wishing (3:54)
7. I Am Better Without You (3:53)
8. Aces (2:00)
9. Jackie Robinson (3:54)
10. The Golden Rule (2:17)
11. Rocket For The Girl (3:07)
12. Promenade (4:09)


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