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A.C.T – Imaginary Friends (2001)

A.C.T – Imaginary Friends (2001)

Artist: A.C.T
Album: Imaginary Friends
Year: 2001
Label: MTM Music

What makes me like A.C.T so much is their unique blending of styles.

Since I listened to their debut Today’s Report (1999) and reviewed in my old blog, I’ve payed more and more attention, cause they’re Progressive Metal, but they aren’t, they’re AOR, but they aren’t, they’re are classic Prog Rock, but they aren’t.

THAT makes them interesting, you can see a heavy riff AND a violin, like in ‘A Supposed Tour’. You have all these pop melodies all around, and Herman Saming vocals are unique!

I guess they have a unique sound in general, I, at least, don’t know any other band that sounds like them!

It’s good to see they are recording a new album right now as I’m writting this little review.

1. Take It Easy – 4’27
2. Hippest Flop – 4’48
3. A Supposed Tour – 4’41
4. Biggest Mistake – 7’49
5. Imaginary Friends – 5’50
6. She/Male – 4’47
7. Relationships: – 25’52
a. At The Altar
b. Svetlana
c. No Perspective
d. Second Thoughts
e. Mr. Unfaithful
f. Gamophobia
g. Little Beauty
h. And They Lived Happily Ever After


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