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The Darkness – Hot Cakes (2012)

The Darkness – Hot Cakes (2012)

Artist: The Darkness
Album: Hot Cakes
Year: 2012
Label: PIAS

Back on 2003 I first heard The Darkness in a sopa opera novel on brazilian TV, that was REALLY odd cause that’s not the kind of music they usuallt choose. That just explain how much the band was in vogue when they released their first album Permission To Land (2003). I bought the album and almost made a hole in it. That was so good, even knowing that was only the joke of the summer.

Most of critics hated and used to say that they would not last, they were half right. Their second album One Way Ticket To Hell … And Back (2005) was released 2 years later is even better then the first one, but people always say this kind of things: ‘nah, they’re old joke’. Silly.

The band broke up about a year later, story tell that Justin Hawkins – vocalist and guitarrist – (and he confirms that) was heavily addicted to cocaine, there’s even a song about that tells this story ‘One Way Ticket’.

Only 4 years later Justin did something big in music again, his new band Hot Leg released a great album called Red Light Fever (2009) while the other 3 guys started a new band, the Stone Gods and released an album in 2008.

I’ve heard about the new album, I was really happy, but the truth is, was waiting for more! In a first spin the record didn’t really worked for me. I mean, isn’t a bad album at all, but I was waiting so much more after 7 years, specially after Hot Leg album. The sound was there, like 9 years ago, maybe that was the problem, there wasn’t a initial shock like the first time. But I had to try again, cause I liked the band so much, and I’ve heard it again and again and again and boom, I was hooked!

By the way, there’s a good and unexpected Radiohead version from their classic album The Bends (1995) with ‘Street Spirit (Fade Out).

Listen again and you’ll be convinced!

1. Every Inch Of You (3:04)
2. Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us (2:45)
3. With A Woman (3:41)
4. Keep Me Hangin’ On (3:00)
5. Livin’ Every Day Blind (5:06)
6. Everybody Have A Good Time (4:48)
7. She Just A Girl, Eddie (3:46)
8. Forbidden Love (3:49)
9. Concrete (3:52)
10. Street Spirit (Fade Out) (3:07)
11. Love Is Not The Answer (3:41)


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