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A Big Goodbye – Sounds & Silences (2011)

A Big Goodbye – Sounds & Silence (2011)

Artist: A Big Goodbye
Album: Sounds & Silences
Year: 2011
Label: Self Released

This is the first record to A Big Goodbye, and for that, we could see ‘things’ and ‘things’ on it.

First of all, it’s very nice to see in 2011 people doing music with mixed elements, acoustic guitars all around, heavier parts, some saxofones here and there, a lot of melodies, a lot of turnarounds.
Maybe that’s where the problem lies.

I’m a fan of pop melodies, and to write a good pop melody that will hook on people’s minds isn’t that easy. Those guys have some ability to do that, but then comes the problem, sometimes things get way out of line, as if they’re trying too hard to make a very phenomenal piece. Cause we have too much of both worlds (Prog and Alternative Pop or whatever you like to call it), too much of each on every track.

I’m not saying it’s a bad album, cause it’s not, there are many enjoyable moments. But for me, there are moments that made this band not original.
I can see nowadays, with zillions of bands to listen to, it’s very hard to have an original sound, and maybe for most of people this will not be a problem, but for me, there are moments that remind me Orphaned Land, moments that remind me Solstice Coil, Daniel Mills voice remind me of the brazilian band Cartoon‘s singer Khadhu without the high parts.

I hardly know a band’s first record that made it right to the point (maybe Kiss did it, oh yeah they did), and I’m sure this guys will pull a great second record.

But one thing must be said, the sound quality, impressive! Many many bands with label on their sides don’t get the sound those guys did, and it’s a independent release.

1. Thinking Out Loud (6:13)
2. Solitude (5:12)
3. The Great Divide (9:34)
4. February Girl (4:03)
5. The Door (4:56)
6. In My Dreams (4:12)
7. Memories (14:11)


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