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Green Day – ¡Uno! (2012)

Green Day – ¡Uno! (2012)

Artist: Green Day
Album: ¡Uno!
Year: 2012
Label: Reprise

I used to like Green Day a lot. I first bought Warning (2000) when it was released and it is still my favorite, even knowing it isn’t their best album. Then I pretty much got everything else by the band, and their best is Nimrod (1997), that I can say.

When American Idiot (2004) came out after a long break, I was impressed, really impressed, that a silly, yet cool band is now grown up and writing really good material. But then the ‘Green Day mania’ came together with this album and was pretty much ridiculous to see the band, listen to their music and especially, their new fans. and I forgot about them because of that.

Live filler albums (Bullet In A Bible (2005) & Awesome as F**k (2011)) here and there and a new album, 21st Century Breakdown (2009), only 5 years later that pretty much mimics every single second on the previous album made me even more uninterested in their music.
And don’t forget the ‘I want to call the midia attention again’ project that Foxboro Hot Tubs is.

I knew about their new albums, but wasn’t really worried to listen, they had lost me on their way. But then 2 days ago I watched, by accident, the video for ‘Kill The DJ’ on the TV and I just couldn’t believe my ears. That was the most tasteless pop song, in the same pattern as the new pop artists do, the only difference is the music was ripping off The Clash in every second.

So, you can see that in the last years I wasn’t expecting NOTHING from the band and their new ‘triple’ album, but I had to know and understand what was going on and if it was that bad after that video. But when the album starts with ‘Nuclear Family’ I see the old Green Day, funny and catchy and ‘Stay The Night’ is the old Warning (2000) to my ears, which is good.

The songs on ¡Uno! (2012) passed and I really didn’t see the bad album that many claim it to be, I see the same old band, maybe the new fans wanted their ‘serious’ period again, someone tell this people that the band had being doing the same kind of music since the beginning. It’s no masterpiece, that’s for sure, but the world of music doesn’t need to live under masterpiece albums all the time, this is a Pop/Rock (or like people call them, Pop Punk) album that you listen to enjoy yourself and forget the worries of the day. Nothing less, nothing more.
I don’t know if I’ll listen to this album a lot of times, but now I’ll definitelly check the next two.

I still don’t understand how they wrote a tune like ‘Kill The DJ’ (one of the few ‘alien’ with ‘Troublemaker’ and a very weird choice as a single) and I still don’t like the change in their believes (like doing clean versions of the album to sell on Wal Mart, thing they fought against on the past).
But you know what? You want 10 other American Idiot (2004)? They did it with 21st Century Breakdown (2009) and wasn’t good, so let it go, skip the bad tracks (like ‘Kill The DJ and ‘Troublemaker’) and enjoy a bit ‘silly’ music, sometimes is very good for your mental health.

1. Nuclear Family (3:03)
2. Stay The Night (4:36)
3. Carpe Diem (3:25)
4. Let Yourself Go (2:57)
5. Kill The DJ (3:41)
6. Fell For You (3:08)
7. L oss Of Control (3:07)
8. Troublemaker (2:45)
9. Angel Blue (2:46)
10. Sweet 16 (3:03)
11. Rusty James (4:09)
12. Oh Love (5:03)


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