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Ira! – Música Calma Para Pessoas Nervosas (1993)

Ira! – Música Calma Para Pessoas Nervosas (1993)

Artist: Ira!
Album: Música Calma Para Pessoas Nervosas
Year: 1993
Label: WEA

always has been a good band, but not more than that. After the first two albums, the good Mudança De Comportamento (1985), and the great Vivendo E Não Aprendendo (1986) the band started to follow some strange paths.
Their third record, Psicoacústica (1988), is considered by many to be their classic, to me it is the beginnig of their experimentatios in music and their lack of unity in albums.

Clandestino (1990) is the proof, nothing memorable came out of their fourth album and the fifth Meninos Da Rua Paulo (1991) achiheved the status of even less memorable…

When Música Calma Para Pessoas Nervosas (1993) was released, no one was expecting much from the band to tell you the truth. The album was released by WEA and wasn’t that well received by public.

The album kicks in with one of the best musics the band wrote, and made me think that maybe this was the turning point album. ‘Arrastão! (Ladrão Que Rouba Ladrão)’ it’s one of my favorites by the band, Edgar Scandurra (guitar player and writter) always played great guitars on the albums, in this track he shows it.

Unfortunatelly one track is not enough. As I said before, it lacks unity on the album, too much ‘firing at all sides’ kind of album, and on top of that the album has a bit more than 30 minutes in 9 songs, an EP basically…
2 covers (‘She Smiled Sweetly’ and ‘Balada Triste’) and 2 more tracks that were brought back from the dead (‘Pai Nosso Da Terra’ an unreleased text from 1981 by Raul Seixas that Ira! put music on and ‘U.T.I’ a track from 1980 that Edgar wrote in his teen years for his 1st band Subúrbio). All these facts make me believe they didn’t even have material for a full record and did it anyway.

The thing is, this is a bedspread patchwork, and it didn’t work.

So let’s just put ‘Arrastão! (Ladrão Que Rouba Ladrão)’ in repeat and we’re fine!

1. Arrastão
2. Pai Nosso Da Terra
3. She Smiled Sweetly
4. Campos, Praias E Paixões
5. Perigo
6. O Homem É Esperto, Mas A Morte É Mais
7. Balada Triste
8. Fado De Minh’alma
9. U.T.I


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