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Andragonia – Memories (2012)

Andragonia – Memories (2012)

Artist: Andragonia
Album: Memories
Year: 2012
Label: Self released

Second album by Andragonia, brazilian Progressive Metal band. The album was released earlier in April, but now they made it free for download on their website (I also included them in my List of free download links HERE), so I decided to give it a try, cause I already have the first album.

At a first glance they seem to be heavier, more direct, not so Progressive Metal, which is good. ‘Jake’s Dream’ starts and I have the impression of a more harsh sound than on the first record, Secrets In The Mirror (2012). They didn’t lose their Progressive Metal influence, but it seems a bit less predominant here. Which I can’t say is a bad thing, the Genre usually goes down the tube of sameness most of the time.

In this album we have some keyboards and programmings by the guitar player Thiago Larenttes, I can say that makes some difference from the first album. But they had gone too far with electronic on the third track ‘Betrayed By The Heart’, looks interesting, but it didn’t work.

But music’s passing and it actually becomes a little dull, I mean, I lost the interest in the album by 5th song, ‘Screaming In Silence’. But the 6th, ‘Threshold’, is interesting again, specially with the Spoken Word vocals. But then ‘Touch Of Seduction’ kicks in and makes the album a bit dull again. In my opinion just a guitar show off, nothing to do with the album at all. ‘Another Time’ has nice riffs and a nice bass tone.

To tell you the truth, around ‘Ready To Fly’, the 10th track, I was ready to stop the album, just didn’t do it cause I always finish an album I started, but that tells tons of what I think about the album in the end.

It’s not a bad album, but don’t appeal to me all in all.

1. Jake’s Dream (4:27)
2. Hard To Breath (3:53)
3. Betrayed By The Heart (4:05)
4. Faith Drowned Into Pain (4:15)
5. Screaming In Silence (4:20)
6. Threshold (4:22)
7. Touch Of Seduction (2:50)
8. Memories (3:26)
9. Another Time (3:43)
10. Ready To Fly (4:45)
11. Meet Again (3:19)
12. When Silence Meets The Sorrow (3:41)
13. Voice Within (3:06)
14. At My Side (3:20)
15. Guitar Flash (Bonus) (3:43)


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