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Quaterna Réquiem – O Arquiteto (2012)

Quaterna Réquiem – O Arquiteto (2012)

Artist: Quaterna Réquiem
Album: O Arquiteto
Year: 2012
Label: Quaterna Records

Well, I’m a Brazilian, and even if I’m not living in the country anymore I always pay attention to the music released by Brazilian bands. Especially Progressive Rock bands and artists.

Quaterna Réquiem is a long love, I’m not the biggest fan, but they always released high quality material in the Symphonic Prog vein and it’s been a long time since their previous studio album, the great and epic Quasímodo (1994).

I’ve heard about this new album, O Arquiteto (2012), more than a year ago, and it was a really slow birth to the band, but here it is, a conceptual album that deals, like the name says, with the Architects and their works.

As one would expect from the band, Symphonic Prog is all the way through with pianos, violins and keyboards, and we can notice it on the first track ‘Preludium’ and also on the second ‘Mosaicos’ with its piano, acoustic classical guitar by Roberto Crivano and keyboards layers.

From time to time I must confess that I felt that the sounds are a bit cheese here and there, sometimes they do bother my audition of the album. Like in the case of some keyboards and especially in the bass tone of Jorge Matias, too low sometimes and sometimes sounds too much ‘amateur’. But in the case of the violins they’re terrific, Kleber Vogel does an amazing job on O Arquiteto (2012) and also Claudio Dantas drums are very good, usually every drum sound bothers me in new albums. They’re actually good here.
And of course, the work in the keys by Elisa Wiermann is always welcome since she is a kind of soul to the band’s overall sound.

But, instrumental albums in general bother me after 30 minutes or so, even the best ones, no exception here. Especially that the album is over 67 minutes long, too much for me. By the time the 8th track started, the third part of the Suite ‘O Arquiteto’, ‘Frank Lloyd’, I was a bit bored. It’s beautiful, but I guess it’s not like that in every part of the album for me.

And yeah, at the 10th track I was already waiting for the end of the album, which isn’t good in any audition of a new album.

In the end, I really wanted to love this album, but I just can’t, this is a solid 3.5 stars and nothing more than that. I will, for sure, give it some more spins, but I really can’t say that O Arquiteto (2012) is their best album.

1. Preludium (11:05)
2. Mosaicos (4:31)
3. Fantasia Urbana (11:51)
4. Suite O Arquiteto…
I – Bramante (4:49) Interludio Pedra (2:21)
II – Mansart (3:31) Interludio Vidro (1:40)
III – Frank Lloyd (7:34) Interludio Madeira (2:42)
IV – Gaudi (13:25) – Interludio Concreto (0:42)
V – Niemeyer (5:35)
VI – Desconstru?ao (3:12)
VII – Postludium (4:35)


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