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Half Past Four – Good Things (2013)


Artist: Half Past Four
Album: Good Things
Year: 2013
Label: Paper Plane Music

Review: Diego Camargo


Back in 2010 I received a CD by a new Canadian band called Half Past Four to review on my website, Progshine. The album was their debut and it was calledRabbit In The Vestibule (2008).Aside from the uncommon name of the band, their music caught my attention right in the beginning. It was an open window inside a closed Prog Rock room. So much variety, so much theater inside their music. It was love at first hearing and their album didn’t leave my MP3 player for a long, long time. Half Past Four is an Art Rock band in the pure sense of the word, their music combines other fields of arts such as, poetry or theatre.5 years after the release of their debut album and after a change in their line up here they are again, with their second album, Good Things (2013). Now the band is formed by Kyree Vibrant (vocals), Constantin Necrasov (guitars), Dmitry Lesov (bass and Chapman stick), Igor Kurtzman (keyboards) and Marcello Ciurleo (drums).
Good Things (2013) was partially funded by an Indie GoGo campaign which the band did back in September 2011 and which raised over $2.200. Not the total they needed to fully cover their expenses of the recordings, but still a remarkable amount of money as for a new and fairly unknown band. This shows how powerful the band can be in the next years, they’re building a strong fan base.


Like with their first album I’ve also received a promo copy of the new album, but this time 1 month before the official release and I could say one thing right after the first chords, the band stays on the good side of music. Everything they had learned in Rabbit In The Vestibule (2008) they applied very skillfully in Good Things (2013).

The absolutely great vocals of Kyree Vibrant still there, stealing the show in many occasions and better than before, tracks like ‘Landmines’ proves that. We have guitars lines that are dense like in the opening track ‘It Strikes You’ or ‘All Day And All Night’. And it’s clear that Igor Kurtzman’s keyboards this time are more present and very well into place like in ‘Rise’ (that also rock the place out with a Rock n’ Roll feeling).
New drummer Marcello Ciurleo added a new dimension to the band and this time the basses are a little more ‘into the face’. Both Dmitry Lesov’s playing and the low tones in general. That was the one thing I didn’t like on the first album, too much high frequencies, this time they’re right on spot!

‘Spin The Girl’ is one of the most interesting tracks. Full of theatrical moments, great guitars and weird time signatures and vocals. The band has everything! Cabaret feeling on ‘Fate’, Space Rock in ‘I Am Lion’, humor in ‘Wolf’ and the weird tempo closing track, and personal favorite, ‘The Earth’ (Kyree strikes again here). Like I said they have everything.

Half Past Four is a real proof that Progressive Rock still can have high quality and not just regurgitate old clichés. With high doses of good imagination and humor, excellent musicianship, great songs and a brilliant vocalist Half Past Four will get there, trust me!

You can preview one of their new songs exclusively on our Podcast #10 HERE.

Tracklist: 1. It Strikes You – 4’27 / 2. Good Things – 6’27 / 3. All Day And All Night – 4’45 / 4. Rise – 6’00 / 5. Landmines – 4’46 / 6. Cool Water – 5’25 / 7. Spin The Girl – 2’42 / 8. Fate – 4’16 / 9. I Am Lion – 6’35 / 10. Wolf – 3’09 / 11. Darkness Knew – 4’37 / 12. The Earth – 5’27

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