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Dave Kilminster – Scarlet – The Director’s Cut (2012)


Artist: Dave Kilminster
Album: Scarlet – The Director’s Cut
Year: 2012
Label: Self released

Review: Diego Camargo


Dave Kilminster, maybe it’s not a name you’ve heard before. But I can assure you one thing, Dave is a very skilled guitar player that has big career as a sideman and guitar teacher. Including many DVDs teaching guitar techniques he was also named 1991 Guitarist of the Year by Guitarist Magazines and on top of that he recorded with names such as Anne-Marie Helder, Keith Emerson, Ken Hensley, John Wetton and Roger Waters.
In fact, the past two years Dave has been on the road with Roger Waters as lead guitarist and vocalist in the extraordinary global staging of The Dark Side Of The Moon and The Wall live concerts.
I’ve got Scarlet – The Director’s Cut (2012) to review and I didn’t know much about this guy apart from  the fact he’s been playing with Roger Waters.I was expecting a Progressive Rock record because of the people he played with before, but it turned out that the album is a mix of GREAT Rock and Acoustic tunes.
In fact, this is the first solo record by Dave released in 2007, simply called Scarlet. This is a re-edition of that album. And this is the only bad thing about the album. The lack of info and the poor presentation. There’s no info AT ALL on the CD about it being a re-edition. The CD comes in an envelope – like slipcase and that’s all.
I was wondering if this is a re-release and the recordings were done, they could have done at least a very nice presentation. I know how hard and expensive it is, but this way it is hard to buy a CD. The musicians NEED to come up with something clever on their CDs, otherwise why bother buying it, just download it!But, take this part out and let’s talk about music, because this is what matters and Dave has it!

Scarlet – The Director’s Cut (2012) is an amazing album with great tunes. On the album Dave does not just play some mean guitar but he also sings, and let me tell you, he sings VERY well.
Songs like ‘Just Crazy’ bless us with the best that Rock/Pop can give us. ‘Angel’ is another example of beauty into the Pop world. While ‘Liar, Liar’ is his Rock N Roll side.
I also sense some Jeff Buckley influence in some tracks, which is great.

His acoustic side is shown on the beautiful ‘Brightest Star’

To sum up, Dave Kilminster is a great example of how to make Pop music with great quality. Music that the radio should be playing if they played good music, not just music they are paid to play.
Great musicianship (including Pete Riley on drums and Phil Williams on bass).

Scarlet – The Director’s Cut (2012) should be played loud on your headphones so you can relax in the end of a long day. A perfect album to be in your ‘My all-time favorites’ shelf.

Tracklist: 1. Silent Scream – 6’42 / 2. Static – 4’30 / 3. Just Crazy – 5’56 / 4. Angel – 5’01 / 5. Chance – 5’43 / 6. Big Blue – 4’41 / 7. Brightest Star – 6’16 / 8. Liar, Liar – 6’53 / 9. Rain… (On Another Planet) – 9’33 / 10. Harkness – 7’31
Buy it HERE

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