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Review: Jon Lord – Before I Forget (1982)


Artist: Jon Lord
Album: Before I Forget
Year: 1982
Label: Harvest/EMI

Review: Diego Camargo


Before I Forget (1982) is the first Jon Lord’s album in the 80’s and his fouth solo album.

Here he’s not trying to be as much as a classical composer like in the previous albums (and later albums too). He’s more into playing the same music as he was in Whitesnake, the difference is, of course, many great keyboards. Even when the tracks are not that good.
But of course you have the classical moments too.

I cannot say that Jon was an exceptional composer, but he was, for sure, a fantastic keyboard player. And when he was on Hammond organ no one could beat him!

‘Chances On A Feeling’ is a good 80’s hard rock track.
‘Tender Babes’ are his classical side speaking louder.

Like I said, the tracks that are more classical are heavily under the Pop ones. But hey, nevermind that and listen the music.
‘Hollywood Rock And Roll’ is a fun R&B kind of song. Then closing A side ‘Bach Onto This’ a weird and great mix of Classical and Hard Rock. The most Prog on the album. So far so good.

B side is weaker, the whole of is ballads. It starts with the title track, a ballad full of keyboards. ‘Say It’s All Right’ is yeat another ballad, now with female vocals.
It continues on the ballad side with ‘Burntwood’.
At least we have ‘Where Are You?’ a good track, the best on the B side. great vocals, and if you like The Alan Parsons Project you will remember this voice.

Before I Forget (1982) is not really a Prog album, and it’s certainly not the best album Jon Lord offered us. But it’s a good album and far away from the 80’s atrocities commited in 80’s.

Key tracks: Chances On A Feeling, Hollywood Rock And Roll & Where Are You?

Tracklist: 1. Chance on a Feeling – 4:05 / 2. Tender Babes – 4:02 / 3. Hollywood Rock and Roll – 4:11 / 4. Bach Onto This – 8:02 / 5. Before I Forget – 5:05 / 6. Say It’s All Right – 4:50 / 7. Burntwood – 4:05 / 8. Where Are You? – 5:04

Buy it HERE

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