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AltaVia – Live @ La Casa Di Alex (2013)


Artist: AltaVia
Album: Live @ La Casa Di Alex
Year: 2013
Label: Self released

Review: Diego Camargo


Wasn’t expecting anything on this live release.

I’ve found out about it while researching for some news updates on Prog Rock to post on my
website and then stumble on this Italian band live free download. By the way, you can go to
their website and download it or RIGHT HERE.

AltaVia has only one studio album, Girt Dog (2011), and that’s what they play on this concert.

The concert was recorded in January 2013 in Milan and according to the band they decided to
release it as a free download because the audio has been recorded by Walter De Vercelli who
have send them the tracks. So they thought it was high time to give it to their fans. This was
really nice of the band, people will know them and the fans will be happy.

The concert is really good and really well played and recorded. The music AltaVia plays is
highly Symphonic and complex. But at the same time there’s melody all around like in ‘The
Circle Gallery’ or ‘In Another Way’.

If you don’t know the band’s debut album this is just perfect for you, and the best? You’ve got to
know a really good band for free. Just if you like them think about buying their debut album and
it’s a fair deal.

On top of that the same concert was also recorded in video, it’s available through Youtube and
here on PA on the band’s profile page.



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