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Haken – The Mountain (2013)


Artist: Haken
Album: The Mountain
Year: 2013
Label: InsideOut

Review: Diego Camargo


Haken. This band is quite unique in many ways. I must confess that I wasn’t aware of the
band’s existence till the moment they released this new album, The Mountain (2013). But
they’ve been together for some time and it seems that all their albums are great experiences. I
did check Aquarius (2010) on Spotify and it really is something else.

I was holding my intention on posting anything about their new album because of the high
amount of reviews praising the album as a new masterpiece, so I wanted to give the guys a
good listening before write anything.

Review Haken’s music is quite hard, their music is very complex and it brings a little bit of
everything. But this little bit of everything turned out to be the bit of everything I really like!

The Gentle Giant vocals thing, the longer pieces, the use of several different instruments, the
goal in writing complex music but yet full of catchy moments, the heavy moments without going
full Prog Metal bullshit’
Really, this is one of the great albums this year and probably of many years to come.

This makes The Mountain (2013) climb high in my top2013 and make most of the albums that
were considered great this year as common Prog.

‘Cockroach King’, ‘Falling Back To Earth’ and ‘Pareidolia’ are by far my favorites.

What can I say? Highly recommended? Yes! It is!

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