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Orphaned Land – All Is One (2013)


Artist: Orphaned Land
Album: All Is One
Year: 2013
Label: Century Media

Review: Diego Camargo


Orphaned Land’s goal with their music is bringing together different people from different
religions, specially in their native land (Israel). And this is a very noble act, it’s great to have a
band that really believe that their music can change the world, and in their own world it is
really changing something, at a small scale, but thats how everything starts.

Said that I also have to say that for a person that is not familiar with this eternal religious
conflicts is quite hard to go with the flow of the band for more than one album, and it’s the
third since their come back in early 00’s…

I’ve known the band pretty much like everybody else, through the fantastic Mabool (2004), I
bought that CD and was so good that I was really impressed. A band that dared to mix
Progressive Metal with Israel traditional folk music? That’s new for me, bring on!
By the time of their The Never Ending Way Of OrWarrior (2010) I pretty much didn’t pay
attention on them, not sure why.
With their new album, All Is One (2013), out I’ve got a copy of the album through Century
Media to review.

Honestly, what can I say? Orphaned Land is a very good band that find a very comfortable
place for themselves with their now perfected Prog Metal/Tradicional Folk music. But that’s
the big problem, the band I liked used to dare a bit, and in this album pretty much is so flat…

You have some growl vocals here and there, some female vocals here and there, some
keyboards and string instruments playind middle eastern music on the background while
the guitars, drums and bass keep the metal going. But that’s it. All Is One (2013) lacks in
surprise, in thrill the listener.

I think their path with this album is pretty much settled, they’ll keep writing about the conflicts
as long as they keep hapenning, they’ll keep mixing the 2 strong elements of their music.
And that is kinda sad. It become predictable.

I really hope I’m wrong and that I’ll be surprised once again with their music in the future.


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