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Rush – Hold Your Fire (1987)


Artist: Rush
Album: Hold Your Fire
Year: 1987
Label: Mercury

Review: Diego Camargo


The 80’s Rush is a 8/80 situation, love it or hate it. I on the other hand prefer to sit on the fence,
I don’t hate and I don’t love.
Every situation is different.

When the band decided to go deep into new directions after Signals (1982) each album was
deeper into the keyboards ‘drama’ – as Alex Lifeson would say – and the results vary from
album to album.

Grace Under Pressure (1984) is a weaker album, Power Windows (1985) their best of this
phase and Hold Your Fire (1987) a weak one again.
But one thing must be said, even when Rush is weak they are above the medium!

On Hold Your Fire (1987) keyboards are everywhere and you have to really dig into the album’s
sound to find Alex’s guitars.
Geddy Lee‘s amazing bass playing is still here, Neal Peart‘s lyrics too. Tracks like ‘Force Ten’,
Time Stand Still‘ (with the wonderful Aimee Mann) and ‘Turn The Page’ prove that.

Unfortunatelly the albums also have tracks like ‘Tai Shan’ and ‘High Water’ that are just
forgetable. The rest of the material is ok, but not that very attractive.

Rush wouls release one more album in the 80’s and caputure their synth phase with a live
album before going to a new era once again. 

Buy it HERE

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