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Video Of The Day: Mastodon – The Motherload

Mastodon - The Motherload

A couple of weeks ago some of my Twitter contacts twitted about the new Mastodon video. Well, to be honest with you all I knew about the band but never really paid attention to them. But after so much talk about this video I was curious to check it.

So, the question that was on my mind in a first moment was: WTH?!?!?!

Well, initially, people may think that Mastodon’s plan was making fun of things. I don’t think so! It’s pretty obvious that the band was trying to get some hype upon themselves. God knows how that’s important nowadays. And you know what? They got it! After only 2 weeks they have almost 550 thousand views of this video. A quick look on their Youtube channel will show you that the previous video ‘High Road’ have almost 900 thousand views in 4 months and videos from 3 years ago are around 1 million and a half views.

To be honest I think the band WAS trying to make a bit of fun while HAVING some fun too. I sense they were trying to have a laugh on Metal/Gothic videos where you have this fake somber/dark background with a really bad music on the background and lame actors/production. On the other hand why not making a bit of fun of the Hip Hop/Pop world and enjoy some big asses shaking?

Well, truth is, ‘The Motherload’ is a hell of a great song and catchy as hell. So, enjoy you too:


The video was directed by Jonathan Rej & Thomas Bingham.


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