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Pendragon – Out Of Order Comes Chaos (2013)

Pendragon - Out Of Order Comes Chaos (2013)

Artist: Pendragon
Album: Out Of Order Comes Chaos
Year: 2013
Label: Metal Mind Productions

Review: Diego Camargo


Last year Pendragon decided to release another Live album (the 8th of their career), so we have Out Of Order Comes Chaos (2013) in double CD and DVD released by Polish label Metal Mind Productions.
Having connections in Poland band and label decided to record this live album in Katowice in April 20th 2011. The band was then releasing their new studio album Passion (2011). Is good to note that this is not the first album the band release that is recorded in Poland, this is actually their FIFTH live album recorded in Poland…

Basically Out Of Order Comes Chaos (2013) is a release for the fans. You have the band’s back catalogue and classics like ‘Not Of This World’, ‘Ghosts’ and ‘Last Man On Earth’ and four songs of Passion (2011) in a total of almost 2 hours and a half.

To be honest as a non-crazy fan of the band I found it quite too much for one sit. I had to split in two days. That’s why my thoughts on this one are shared and I do think it would be great for the fans of the band.


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