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Review: The Riskers – 26 Hours Of Test…


Artist: The Riskers
Album: 26 Hours Of Test…
Year: 2013
Label: Self released

Review: Diego Camargo


What do you get if you mix Blues Rock, Psychedelic Rock, a good dose of Country Rock influence and loads of lysergic moments? You’ve got The Riskers, a band from Poland, that was able to mix everything perfectly in their debut album 26 Hours Of Test…!

The trio is formed by Dawid “Dżimbo” Świderski (drums), Tomasz “Jabcok” Szymkowiak (bass) and Patryk “Zocha” Skowroński (vocals, guitar) and their self released first album was released 2 years ago. The band is fighting against all odds doing the music they’re doing, specially in the place where they come from, as there’s little or no places to play. But these guys deserve some attention and they deserve to be heard.

26 Hours Of Test… also include, among the 10 songs written by the band itself a superb cover of Ring Of Fire by Johnny Cash and a version of Blue Suede Shoes by Elvis Presley that they call ‘Arrythmic version’. Both great.

But the main thing here is their own material which is strong and VERY well rehearsed. Not to mention the recording of the album, that despite the fact it was done live with no overdubs, is of excellent quality!

Do you want some retro sounds with amazing musicianship? Check The Riskers, directly from Poland. Recommended it!

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