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Review: Wonderworld – II (2016)


Album: II
Year: 2016
Label: Key Music

Review: Diego Camargo


When I received this album on may mailbox I thought to myself: “Pretty cover, but it’s for sure one more Metal/Power Metal band…”

Oh, was I wrong?!?

Wonderworld is a fairly new band that is formed by the trio that was backing Ken Hensley in records and live as Live Fire. In March 2013 Ken Hensley & Live Fire (Wonderworld) recorded an album in Alicante, Spain. The duo Ken Ingwersen (guitar) and Tom Fossheim (drums) had been playing with Hensley for 6-8 years at that point, but this was the first time they met Roberto Tiranti (vocals and bass, from Italian band Labyrinth). Ken mentioned that they should definitely put together a band as a trio and there it was: Wonderworld.

II is a great Hard Rock record that immediately made me think of Dr. Sin, they are very similar in sound and they’re also a trio.

Roberto’s vocals are strong and full of feeling, the overall sound in II is warmth, powerfull and full of great hooks.

I was really happy finding out about this band, amazing musicianship and songwriting.

Really worth checking it!


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