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Song Of The Day: Erasmo Carlos – Gigante Gentil

Artist: Erasmo Carlos Location: Brazil Song: Gigante Gentil Album: Gigante Gentil Year: 2014 Label: Coqueiro Verde Advertisements

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Song Of The Day: Acústicos & Valvulados – O Truque Já Aconteceu

Artist: Acústicos & Valvulados Location: Brazil Song: O Truque Já Aconteceu Album: Grande Presença! Year: 2010 Label: Self released

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Song Of The Day: Damian Wilson – Commune

Artist: Damian Wilson Location: England Song: Commune Album: Let’s Start A Commune Year: 2003 Label: Self released

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Song Of The Day: Contraluz – Indios Sin Prision

Artist: Contraluz Location: Argentina Song: Indios Sin Prision Album: Contraluz Year: 1973 Label: EMI

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Song Of The Day: Erasmo Carlos – Panorama Ecológico

Artist: Erasmo Carlos Location: Brazil Song: Panorama Ecológico Album: Pelas Esquinas De Ipanema Year: 1978 Label: Polydor [spotify]

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Song Of The Day: Czesław Niemen – Jednego Serca

Artist: Czesław Niemen Location: Poland Song: Jednego Serca Album: Enigmatic Year: 1969 Label: Polskie Nagrania Muza [youtube]

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Song Of The Day: Judy Collins – Michael From Mountains

Artist: Judy Collins Location: USA Song: Michael From Mountains Album: Wildflowers Year: 1967 Label: Elektra

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Song Of The Day: David Bowie – Life On Mars?

Artist: David Bowie Location: England Song: Life On Mars? Album: Hunky Dory Year: 1971 Label: RCA Curiosity: This song was re-recorded  several times, here’s a curious version in Swedish by … Continue reading

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Song Of The Day: Daniel Taubkin – Roda Pião

To resurrect this blog I decided to post some special songs in this space. After looking for this album (that I  lost together with an old HD) I’ve found it … Continue reading

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