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Dave Kilminster – Scarlet – The Director’s Cut (2012)

Artist: Dave Kilminster Album: Scarlet – The Director’s Cut Year: 2012 Label: Self released Review: Diego Camargo Thoughts:  Dave Kilminster, maybe it’s not a name you’ve heard before. But I can assure you one thing, … Continue reading

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Quarto Sensorial – A + B (2012)

Artist: Quarto Sensorial Album: A + B Year: 2012 Label: Self released Review: Diego Camargo Thoughts:   Quarto Sensorial is a Brazilian trio that plays instrumental music. The range of their sound goes from Jazz Rock to … Continue reading

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The Minstrel’s Ghost – The Road To Avalon (2012)

Artist: The Minstrel’s Ghost Album: The Road To Avalon Year: 2012 Label: Melodic Revolution Review: Diego Camargo Thoughts:   The Minstrel’s Ghost is in fact a one-man project by the North American musician Blake Carpenter (vocals, keyboards … Continue reading

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KingBathmat – Truth Button (2012)

Artist: KingBathmat Album: Truth Button Year: 2012 Label: StereoHead Records Review: Diego Camargo Thoughts:  The new Progressive Rock! This week I’ve reviewed two CD’s of two different bands (the other one being Half Past Four) that … Continue reading

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Imagery – The Inner Journey (2012)

Artist: Imagery Album: The Inner Journey Year: 2012 Label: Self released Thoughts: Imagery is a Brazilian Progressive Metal band. The Inner Journey (2012) is their first album. To celebrate the pre-release of the album back in March of 2012 they … Continue reading

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