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Review: Aisles – Hawaii (2016)

Artist: Aisles Album: Hawaii Year: 2016 Label: PresagioRecords Review: Diego Camargo Thoughts: So here it is Hawaii (2016), the new Aisles album. Aisles is a band from Chile and Hawaii is their fourth album and … Continue reading

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Review: Daymoon – Cruz Quebrada (2016)

Artist: Daymoon Album: Cruz Quebrada Year: 2016 Label: Progressive Promotion Review: Diego Camargo Thoughts: If you follow my reviews you should know the name Daymoon. This is a Portuguese project led by Fred Lessing. The … Continue reading

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10 Great Music Documentaries You Should Watch!

Here I go with another of my Top 10’s. Thing is I like Lists and I love music documentaries… so… Will not really comment about them, just post and let … Continue reading

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Anima Mundi – The Lamplighter (2013)

Artist: Anima Mundi Album: The Lamplighter Year: 2013 Label: Self released Review: Diego Camargo Thoughts: Anima Mundi is a band that comes from Cuba. This fact alone would be enough to make you curious, and … Continue reading

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Renaissance – Grandine Il Vento (2013)

Artist: Renaissance Album: Grandine Il Vento Year: 2013 Label: Self released Review: Diego Camargo Thoughts:  Renaissance was one of the first Prog bands I’ve heard. When I was 16/17 I’ve bought a copy of Ashes … Continue reading

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AltaVia – Live @ La Casa Di Alex (2013)

Artist: AltaVia Album: Live @ La Casa Di Alex Year: 2013 Label: Self released Review: Diego Camargo Thoughts:  Wasn’t expecting anything on this live release. I’ve found out about it while researching for some … Continue reading

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Haken – The Mountain (2013)

Artist: Haken Album: The Mountain Year: 2013 Label: InsideOut Review: Diego Camargo Thoughts:  Haken. This band is quite unique in many ways. I must confess that I wasn’t aware of the band’s existence till the … Continue reading

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Orphaned Land – All Is One (2013)

Artist: Orphaned Land Album: All Is One Year: 2013 Label: Century Media Review: Diego Camargo Thoughts:  Orphaned Land’s goal with their music is bringing together different people from different religions, specially in their native land … Continue reading

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Dream Theater – Dream Theater (2013)

Artist: Dream Theater Album: Dream Theater Year: 2013 Label: Roadrunner Review: Diego Camargo Thoughts:  Every new Dream Theater album there’s a rain of reviews everywhere. 90% of them are separated into 2 categories: The Fanatics … Continue reading

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Rush – Hold Your Fire (1987)

Artist: Rush Album: Hold Your Fire Year: 1987 Label: Mercury Review: Diego Camargo Thoughts:  The 80’s Rush is a 8/80 situation, love it or hate it. I on the other hand prefer to sit on … Continue reading

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Concert Review: The Watch (Kalisz, Poland – 26.05.13)

By Diego Camargo The Watch is an Italian band who is touring through Europe with Genesis songs and also with their own work. In the beginning of the last week … Continue reading

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Zenit – The Chandrasekhar Limit (2013)

Artist: Zenit Album: The Chandrasekhar Limit Year: 2013 Label: Galileo Records Review: Diego Camargo Thoughts:     Zenit is a band from Switzerland that has been playing since 1998. The band was founded by Andy Thommen (formerly … Continue reading

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Greg Lake – Songs Of A Lifetime (2013)

Artist: Greg Lake Album: Songs Of A Lifetime Year: 2013 Label: Cherry Records

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The Minstrel’s Ghost – The Road To Avalon (2012)

Artist: The Minstrel’s Ghost Album: The Road To Avalon Year: 2012 Label: Melodic Revolution Review: Diego Camargo Thoughts:   The Minstrel’s Ghost is in fact a one-man project by the North American musician Blake Carpenter (vocals, keyboards … Continue reading

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